To some, death is the end; to others, a beginning. To Icarus Fell, it should have been a relief from a life gone seriously awry.

But death had other plans.

Icarus doesn't believe the man awaiting him when awakens in a cheap motel room is the archangel Michael, or that God's right hand wants him to help souls on their way to Heaven. Icarus doesn't believe in Heaven, so why should they want his help? But the man claiming to be the archangel tempts him with an offer he can't ignore—harvest enough souls and get back the life he wished he'd had. It seems Icarus has nothing to lose, until he botches a harvest and the soul that went to Hell instead of Heaven comes back to make him pay.

To save the wife and son he already lost once, Icarus will have to become the man he never was. Somehow, he will have to learn to believe.

On Unfaithful Wings Paperback