"It rained fire the day

               the Small Gods fled"

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When Shadows Fall

A hundred hundred seasons have turned since the Goddess banished the Small Gods to the sky, leaving the land to mankind alone.

For Prince Teryk, life behind the castle walls is boring and uneventful until he stumbles upon an arcane scroll in a long-forgotten chamber. The parchment speaks of Small Gods, the fall of man, and the kingdom's savior—the firstborn child of the rightful king. It's his opportunity to prove himself to his father, the king, and assure his place in history. All he needs to do is find the man from across the sea—a man who can't possibly exist—and save mankind.

But ancient magic has been put in motion by a mysterious cult determined to see the Small Gods reborn. Powerful forces clash, uncaring for the lives of mortals in their struggle to prevent the return of the banished ones, or aid in their rebirth.

Named in a prophecy or not, what chance does a cocky prince who barely understands the task laid before him stand in a battle with the gods?

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The Darkness Comes

When shadows fall, the darkness comes...

A disgraced Goddess Mother wanders blind and alone, praying for her agony to end. When a helpful apostle finds her, could it truly be salvation, or does worse torment lie ahead?

A sister struggles to understand a prophecy that may not be meant for her while her brother fights for his life. If the firstborn child of the rightful king dies, will it spell the end for everyone?

Darkness and shadow creep across the land in the form of a fierce clay golem animated by its sculptor's blood. It seeks a mythical creature whose sacrifice portends the return of ancient evil banished from the world long ago. With its return will come the fall of man.

As the game unfolds, the Small Gods watch from the sky, waiting for their time to come and their chance to rise again. They wait for the fall of shadows, the coming of the darkness.

They wait for night to descend.

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And Night Descends

To raise the Small Gods, a Small God must die,

When stars go out, the end is nigh.

One must die to raise them all,

Should Small Gods rise, man will fall,

One can stop them, on darken’d wing,

The firstborn child of the rightful king.

WHEN SHADOWS FALL…THE DARKNESS COMES…AND NIGHT DESCENDS The moment Teryk and Danya, the royal siblings, spoke the words inscribed on the long-forgotten scroll, they foolishly set in motion events destined to bring about the prophecy’s predictions. Teryk is the firstborn, but why do the words only make sense to his sister?

As they each launch themselves recklessly into a heroic mission to save mankind, it seems inevitable that key elements in this game of the gods would be drawn to one another and collide with frightful and yet-unfathomable consequences. With a Small God already captured and being dragged to his death by a colossal, bloodthirsty golem, is it too late to turn back fate? Can any of them find a way to resist their destinies?

Intrigue in the court, an impenetrable veil between two worlds, escape, sacrifice, retribution and magic pull the strings of these puppets of destiny on a massive, creation-spanning chessboard hidden in shadow, veiled in darkness, lost in the night.

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When Ravens Call

Blood has been spilled on the altar of the Evenstar. As the prophecy forewarns, the return of the banished is nigh.

The forgotten scroll spoke of unbelievable things: A man from across the sea, a barren mother, a living statue, and the return of the Small Gods. Unbelievable, and yet the pieces for the second coming of the Small Gods are drawn together by fate’s hand, destined to bring evil back to the world.

Those who would stop them are spread far and wide without hope of coming together, leaving them no chance of fulfilling their destines. Captured, threatened, fleeing…the sister, the firstborn, the Mother can all only pray to escape with their lives.

If they die, what hope is there for a kingdom?

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The Twilight Fades

The Evenstar has ridden a ball of fire from the sky. Ine’vesi is the harbinger of the Small Gods’ return, and a reminder of the destruction inevitable in their wake.

Who can yet save mankind?

The man from across the sea, on whose ankle is locked a cuff with no key, can’t even remember his name. The seed of life is lost. The barren mother faithless. The living statue victorious.

One thoughtless action is all it takes to set in motion the final pieces of the prophecy. One selfish decision to bring about the kingdom’s end.

With the last of the prophecy’s protectors beaten, who will stand against the gods? Is this really the end of man?

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And Kingdoms End

Evil courses through the land, seeking to choke the roots sprouting from the Seed of Life and destroy humanity’s last shred of hope. The Evenstar has returned, and with him comes the rise of the Small Gods.


When armies amass at Ikkundana, the City of the Sick prepares for the final battle. But where is the firstborn child of the rightful king, the one prophesied to save humankind? Who will save the kingdom?


A sailor. A child. A once great warrior now a shadow of himself. None can stand against the invincible statue, nor hope to turn the tide of a war waged against the gods.